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The CxO conundrum. CTO, CIO…CDO I’ve been asked a tonne about this over my career, the CTO, CIO, CDO…what do these titles mean and don’t they cross over? Well?  Yes and no, actually not a lot actually. Let’s go from T to D. There is not right / wrong, big / small. But here is […]

On Ramps

On Ramps… the ability to join, an entranceway. I’ve worked for a few companies that have a policy that goes along the lines of: Our recruitment targets are engineers who have 2-3 years experience. WTF? Who gives them the 2-3 years? This isn’t just a pondering, it’s actually a, who exactly is going to give […]

Soft Edges

As humans we seem to engage in a never ending dialog around who should, when and why? A constant conversation that often focuses on the process rather than the outcome. In my own world (a technology product delivery world), there has probably never been a better example than when does architecture end and technical design […]

Privacy Deal Breakers

As you may know there’s been a lot of noise around recent changes to the WhatsApp Privacy Policy. Quite rightly so, as the level of scrutiny should correlate to the degree of change in question. There is just so much to unpack about these WhatsApp privacy policy changes that it could consume a month of […]


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